Philly Personalized Salads

Your choice of Meat and Cheese Sautéed to perfection, with Fresh Mushroom, Red Pepper and Sweet Onion.
Served on a bed fresh of lettuce with your choice of free toppings and sauces.

Meats: – Sirloin Beef – Tender Chicken Breast – Montreal Smoked Meat – Juicy Sliced Turkey
Cheeses: – Creamy Havarti – Feta
Toppings: – Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Hot Pepper, Green Olive, Roasted Red Pepper
Sauces: – Chipotle Mayo, Homemade Dill Garlic, HP Steak, BBQ, Caesar, Mayonnaise, Northern Heat Hot, Mustard.
Extra Cheese $1.99
Extra Feta Cheese $2.99

Extra Bacon $2.99
Extra Meat $3.99
Double Meat $7.99