We are the first and only true Philly Cheesesteak
shop in Canada and are committed to quality!

Other restaurants have tried to imitate the making of true cheesesteak by shaving or marinating low grades of beef roasts, using processed cheese, store bought Buns even canned mushrooms to cut cost.

Plain and simple we will not compromise on the quality or flavors of our products to save a few cents.

We only serve food that we would eat ourselves.

Only the finest ingredients are used to prepare you meal.

  • Fresh quality non processed cheeses
  • Angus beef steaks and burgers, tender chicken, juicy turkey and Montreal smoked meat.
  • All our vegetables are chopped daily for full freshness and flavor.
  • We us a light flavorful oil high in omega 3 for all our cooking.
  • Our seasoned buns are baked fresh exclusively for us by a local baker, no sitting around.
  • All meals are cooked when ordered. No reheating and no microwaves.

Your meal is prepared right in front of you when you order.

  • you get to see your meal prepared fresh, never reheated, or precooked.
  • Wait in line and watch the chief, or relax in clean cozy dining area while we do the work.

Expanding our menu and services to meet your needs.

  • Our menu may seem very limited at the moment but we are currently in the process of adding more items as they pass our strict quality and flavor testing.
  • Delivery is now available to our growing customer base, for those who just want to relax at home or are not close to our location.
  • Catering and Custom orders has been added to meet needs of toady’s fast passed society, When you do not have time to do it yourself give us a call we will be glad to help.
  • Fax and email orders are being discussed and may be provided at a future date.


  • Our shop is kept clean at all times, scrubbed down and disinfected every night before close.
  • Employees must wash there hands after touching raw meat money or anything not sanitary.
  • Sterile disposable gloves are used when topping up meals before they are served to you.
  • Washrooms are kept impeccably clean at all times and inspected frequently.